HCG Wellness Diet Program

Our HCG Wellness Program is an effective, whole-foods based, restricted calorie diet for 30 days of rapid weight loss.

Think of it as a short term nutritional reset, designed to help you restore a healthy metabolism, cut cravings, balance your blood sugar, heal your digestive tract, boost your energy and burn off stored fat. Weekly coaching sessions will provide you with all the tips, resources and support you need. We can help you shatter strongholds that have kept you from reaching your goals or maintaining long-term success!

We are committed to help you transform your body to the body you have always wanted in the healthiest, fastest and most effective way possible.


I’m not new to trying to lose weight, (I used to weigh 350pounds.) for a year I got into a plateau and was stuck in the 260 pound range. I had heard about HCG before, but was weary of the hormone injections. As soon as I heard about your program with hormone-free, sublingual drops, I went for it. The results go as follows: Lost 15 pounds in the first 7 days! Starting weight was 262 pounds, and 40.2% body fat. Today my weight is 205 pounds and my body fat is down to 21%. I have never felt better!  ~J. Riviera

Thousands of people have used our program to lose 30 lbs or more in as little as 30 days!  Now its your turn to shed the pounds, learn how to nourish your body with what you eat, and maintain a healthy weight.  You’ll experience the difference in our program from other “diet” programs that promote temporary solutions or your continual reliance of their processed shakes, supplements and meals that cannot be sustained over a lifetime.  Our goal is to help you reach your ideal weight, and teach you how to eat, what to eat and why to eat it.  So you can (finally) get healthy and lose those extra pounds once and for all, without getting off track!

How Does the HCG Wellness Diet Work?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone that stimulates the hypothalamus, which kicks up the metabolism and signals the body to burn away fat stores. Our program utilizes hormone-free sublingual drops (FDA Approved) so there are no hormonal or negative side effects, as seen with other programs. Resulting in safe and effective weight loss, when combined with a very low calorie diet, as the body utilizes up to 3,500 calories for fuel from one pound of fat. The average weight loss for our program is approximately 1 lb per day and 30lbs overall for the 4 week program. In addition to loss of unwanted fat, the true benefits of our program are that in one month you can:

↑ Restore a healthy metabolism for easily maintained, long-term weight loss.

↑ Resculpt your body without an exhaustive exercise regimen.

↑ Reprogram your body to process food properly and stabilize your blood sugar.

↑ Increase your energy and elevate your mood.

↑ Reduce cravings and hunger substantially.

↑ Look thinner and younger, and feel healthier.

Here is what you’ll get when you enroll:

→ Initial and Final Assessment

Including: Measurements, Vitals, Lung Capacity, BMI, Body Fat %, and a Comprehensive Lifestyle, Stress and Wellness Test

→ Customized Action Plan

Based on your short term and long term goals, health history, medications, allergens, and weight loss pitfalls/barriers

→ Weekly Coaching Sessions

→ Daily Email Support

→ A Binder with All the Ins and Outs of the HCG Wellness Diet

Including: Daily Food Log, Protocol, Easy to Use Guides, Articles, Resources and Tips

→ HCG Hormone-Free Sublingual Drops

→ HCG Gourmet Cookbook

Program Cost: $399

*We offer several financing options, including payment plans.

Call today, 970-243-1388


So ask yourself:

Where do you want your body to be

30 days from now?

Huge changes can be made in a small amount of time. There’s no reason to wait.

Call (970)243-1388

for a no obligation Consultation today!


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