I started on the HCG Wellness Diet 6 weeks ago. I was at 217 lbs. I am now at 186 lbs. I am down 31 lbs. and several inches! I have tried dieting and exercising with no such luck in the past. I can’t believe how well this HCG works. I get on the scale and see the lbs coming off. That to me is motivation in itself for me to keep on going. I feel great on the diet. I am eating much healthier. I have a lot of people ask me how do you only eat 500 calorie day. I say it’s pretty easy. The HCG suppresses your appetite, and if you are sticking to the approved foods you don’t feel hungry. I am so glad I found your program! Thank you so much!  ~Mindy A.

My husband and I did the diet together and started in February of this year. He did the 45 day and I did the 30 day. Together we lost nearly 70lbs! I’m not going to tell you it was the easiest thing we’ve ever done, but doing it together really helped us be disciplined. We changed all of our bad habits, even down to the products we used on our skin. We premade our meals for the week so it would be easy to grab and go! That has been the biggest factor in keeping the weight off, with eating smaller portions more frequently throughout the day. I truly feel like a new person. I have more energy, I’m more active, I have more confidence in myself, and I am doing things I’ve never done before. I love riding my bike now and I hiked my first 14er this summer, Mt Elbert. If you aren’t willing to make the sacrifice, stick to the plan 100% and make a lifestyle change, this isn’t for you! Those who are willing to dedicate themselves will see results and will keep the weight off.  ~Jess S.

I’m not new to trying to lose weight, (I used to weigh 350pounds.) for a year I got into a plateau and was stuck in the 260 pound range. I had heard about HCG before, but was weary of the hormone injections. As soon as I heard about your program with hormone-free, sublingual drops, I went for it. The results go as follows… Lost 15 pounds in the first 7 days! Starting weight was 262 pounds, and 40.2% body fat. Today my weight is 205 pounds and my body fat is down to 21%. I have never felt better!  ~J. Riviera

Congratulations for choosing this weight loss program. I have usually been able to stay at whatever weight I was at, but after menopause it was easy to gain a couple of pounds and then stay there. During the year of treatment for breast cancer I gained several pounds, followed by more weight as we toured the country (across the US 3 times) in five months. We finally got settled and while I tried to diet, nothing seemed to work. My cancer was estrogen positive, which though I don’t fully understand, means that I am taking estrogen suppressing medication. Many of the weight loss programs involve hormone treatments and I was very leery of them – and I didn’t even look into them for fear of messing myself up. One of the first questions I had for Dr. Haitz was if this program would interfere with the medication and I was assured that it would not. And so I began… I was surprised by how easy the diet was. It didn’t sound that way at first, but it was. They were very good about suggesting products (esp. salad dressings) that would work on this program. The drops weren’t bad tasting at all. I took my own salad to a couple of group functions, but that wasn’t a problem. I did have a couple of stall outs, but the steak day with tomato really kicked things into gear again. There a many good recipes provided, so I suggest you look through them to find some ideas. Several I have continued to incorporate into meal planning because they are very good – and guests have even enjoyed, though they don’t realize that it is very low calorie! I was pleased with the results of the diet. The weight loss was good, but the inches lost was even more exciting! And it was not hard to go off the plan. I thought that I would be hungry, but that was not the case. I think something got reset and I find that I eat less, drink more water and feel great. I wish you well on your journey. ~D. L. Humfeld

My name is Sandy, and I bless the day the HCG Wellness Diet was introduced to me! I am the oldest of 4 children, and have had a very difficult childhood. From the age of 2 1/2 to 3 years of age I was physically abused, and sexually abused from the age of 4-14 years of age. In the second grade I found solace in food, and thus my weight issue began. By the time I was in the 8th grade, I was using marijuana; which led to harder drugs. As the years went on, I began to deal the hardest ofdrugs, along with alcohol. At the age of 26, I was blessed with a healthy and beautiful baby girl. Miraculously she was healthy due to the fact that I was clean throughout my pregnancy! My addictions continued shortly after she was born, and I lost her for many years. As the years continued, so did my weight. By the grace of God, I found Him, and have been clean for many years now. In 2006, I had a beautiful little boy. So here I am now, clean and sober, praising the Lord, and getting rid of the weight that has plagued my life for so many years! Thank you!!!! To date, I am down 55 pounds!  ~Sandy M.


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